Our top 4 Benefits of having an AV Certification

AV is growing significantly and that’s why it’s important to keep up with any changes and educate ourselves. It brings a lot of benefits from finding a job to achieving a professional goal.

Employers are more likely to hire certified and specialised professionals that have an AV certification

Let’s have a look what are our top 4 benefits on the list.

  • Gain a Competitive Advantage

A professional certification can differentiate you from your competitors. It shows your commitement to your profession. It’s especially useful when it comes to applying for a professional position.

  • Update Your Knowledge and Skills

By adapting new and updated industrial techniques and information, you can change working habits that may causes inefficiencies or quality issues. You will gain the confidence to try new things as well. You will also have the ability to implement a more sophisticated working environment.

  • Increase Your Earning Potential

Most jobs offer better pay rate for those who have a professional certification. A lot of companies recognise the time, money and effort invested in self-education and more likely offering a better pay.

  • Build Professional Credibility

If you hold a certification, it shows you are engaged and eager to learn and educate yourself continuously and also shows that you are a professional. There are a growing number of companies who want to hire certified employees. In that way, they can be sure you will complete your job by following industry standards and also you will hold yourself to high professionalism. It will also boost your professional credibility and prestige.

AVIXA offers essential installation courses for technicians who are new to the AV industry. These courses cover basic audio visual technician skills, like pulling and terminating cable, as well as mounting equipment.

These courses are taught online through a series of videos, which have technicians complete hands-on activities. Technicians must have their work approved by AVIXA’s instructors, who they’ll have access to throughout the program.

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