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Audio Visual Installation Engineer

Job reference: gw123
Published: 8 January 2019

Position Type: Permanent

Sector: Corporate
Role: AV Installation
Location: London, London


About the job


You will work from designer’s drawings, installing some of the most advanced consumer technology in the world into some of the world’s largest and most expensive homes and super yachts.

You will get to travel both domestically and internationally, working on anything from prime residential properties in Hyde Park to 150m+ super yachts throughout Europe


.This position is responsible for the installation, termination and set up of high value technologies, and custom built equipment.

.You will take care of all cabling and will assist in the installation of distribution systems as well as the finished appliances, such as TVs and speakers, ensuring all joinery is fitted correctly, all labels are cut to the correct length, labelled and terminated to the headed and all appliances are set up and ready to go.

.You will be performing ten percent of scale tests to check all cabling is correct as well as pin to pin tests on cable points to make sure they all tone back to the headed correctly.

.You Will be a frontline operator and face of the company, liaising with other trades to ensure all the correct steps are taken to ensure the installation and integration of equipment is as easy and smooth as possible.

.We expect you to take an active role and be an authoritative voice when it comes to overcoming technical issues. Sometimes issues arise on site and it is your responsibility to feed this back to the designer, working together to ensure the issue is rectified as effectively as possible.

.Smartphone, laptop, travel abroad, tools and training, pension and flexi work.


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