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Top 10 tips for enterprise video

Here are our top 10 tips for creating a successful enterprise video solution. Content capture and contribution Content (video, audio, metadata and subtitles) can be produced from multiple sources, including high-end cameras and recorders, consumer-level cameras, mobile devices, webcams, video conferencing systems and broadcast feeds. There may be one or more signal acquisition centres and […]

Steady Growth Moves Commercial AV Industry Forward

A new study by Acclaro Growth Partners is projecting that Audio Visual products and services will become a £114 billion global industry by the end of 2016. The 2014 Global AV Market Definition and Strategy Study, conducted on behalf of InfoComm International, concluded that the AV industry has been experiencing extreme growth in recent years. […]

Hiring vs buying IT and AV equipment

  There are a great number of business considerations to make on a day-to-day basis and one of  the most important is expenses and costs. Usually with low cost comes low quality and visa-versa. So how do you balance quality and cost? After all, being cost-effective shouldn’t compromise the service you provide to your customers. […]

How will “BREXIT” affect employment laws?

Will “BREXIT” affect employment laws? And will you be affected? Since the mid-1970s, the European Union has played a role in protecting working people from exploitation and in combating discrimination, but now that the country has voted to leave the European Union, one of the burning questions in the workplace is what will happen to […]

InfoComm International: A View on the Near Future of the AV Industry

The AV industry has helped to change the world, it has so far solved so many issues which now seem normal in modern society. In fact these solutions have changed our lives in more ways than we could ever have imagined. So, what is the future of the AV industry and will it continue to […]

Freelancing vs. Full-Time – Which is Better?

Do companies prefer taking on a full-time employee or a freelancer / consultant? Is one a better choice than the other? Running a business takes a lot of work and you often find yourself working extremely long hours every single week. Eventually you’ll get to a point where you need some help. However, that doesn’t […]

Top 5 Audio Visual trends in the Audio Visual industry

If you’re tired of the current technologies available in the market, don’t worry, they’re becoming the things of the past as various new technologies get ready to take the spotlight. The AV (audio visual) industry is constantly evolving where technology is always developing and becoming more efficient and fit for purpose.  In this report, I […]

Exciting times in the AV recruitment industry, but is it exciting for new talent?

If finding and hiring the right talent is indeed crucial for success – what does the future hold for the AV industry? Is the future bright? It depends who you speak to. AV companies need to focus on building succession plans to offer new talent a long-term career in AV. The industry has traditionally been […]

Prospero Integrated sponsors the ‘Rising Star’ award at the InstallAwards.

Installation covers permanent audio, video and lighting systems integration within the global market. It is the only international title that publishes 12 issues a year. The magazine is sent to a requested circulation of 12,000 key named professionals. Our active readership primarily consists of key purchasing decision makers including systems integrators, consultants and architects as […]

Apprenticeships – Labour Issues in the Audio-visual Industry

During the last decade a trend has emerged for apprenticeships among the various job classifications utilized by the audio-visual (AV) industry, which is represented by InfoComm International®, the trade association for the AV and information communications industries worldwide. Questions have arisen over the last few months concerning the utility of such apprenticeships, including exactly how […]

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