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AV Tech Trends in 2018

2018 is almost gone, so let’s have a look at the year’s biggest tech trends that ruled the market. If you wanted to keep up with the latest trend, you most likely already know these changes and if you haven’t, here is a blog for you. LED FOR PROJECTION LED projection started taking over the […]

Working with young employees – all you need to know about their rights.

There are several employment rights when someone starts a new job, but young workers  (under 18) have different rights to protect them at work. We’ve previously discussed this topic about the different employment statuses. You can read the whole article here. In England, young people are required to stay in education or training until the […]

No more doubt around your Employment Status

Nowadays, there are many different working arrangements. Are you aware of the difference between a worker and an employee? Do you know which category you fall into? We have already covered the questions around freelancers here. In this article, you can find the most common employment statuses and everything you need to know about them. Keep […]

AV Awards 2018 – Prospero Integrated Were There

The Prospero AV team loved celebrating the 20th AV Awards on Friday, the oldest and most recognised awards event in the industry’s history.  Scroll down for some amazing pictures. What is the AV Awards? If you haven’t heard of them, here’s just a quick guide… it’s a global networking event, open to anyone and everyone […]

Top 5 AV technician skills – What skills AV companies are looking for when hiring?

As the technology industry is constantly growing, more and more people want to work in the AV market. Are you one of them and just started attending to interviews? What skills do you need to ensure you stand out? Read more to find out! TOP TIPS Communication Skills Communication is one of the key skills you. Good communication between the […]

Are you starting your career as a Freelancer? – Read this!

Have you just finished your school or your course and want to start your career as a freelancer in your area of expertise? What does it mean to be a freelancer exactly? Is there anything you need to be careful with and look out for? We have collected some tips to help you get started – read […]

Take your cinema experience to the next level – Screen X

Screen X was originally developed in 2012 by a South Korean entertainment industry leader. This technology has rapidly started expanding across the whole world and now it reached the UK.  WHAT IS THE CONCEPT BEHIND? EXPAND  Screen X is giving a 270-degree panoramic film-viewing experience. The screen is expanded to the auditorium walls. The expanded space on the […]

ISE – Everything you need to know about the AV exhibition

If you work in AV or if you are a tech person, you have probably heard about ISE. If not, by the end of this blog you will be an expert. WHAT IS ISE? ISE is the acronym for Integrated Systems Europe. ISE is a well-known exhibition for everyone who is working in the AV sector […]

Conference in the 21st century – or trends that can make a conference trendy and exciting

Hosting a conference takes a good amount of work and planning. Thanks to technology and automation, our audience can experience something different at a business event and have an exciting new conference experience. There are trends in business conferences as well, for example, in style. So what are these trends? We collected some that we think […]

IoT Technology – Living in a world of automation and integration

We live in a word where integration and automation rules. Are you aware of the presence of IoT OR are you USING IT WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS? What is IoT? The “Internet of Things” is most commonly referred to as IoT.  It refers to connecting electrical devices to the internet and to each others. […]

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