Top 5 AV technician skills – What skills AV companies are looking for when hiring?

As the technology industry is constantly growing, more and more people want to work in the AV market. Are you one of them and just started attending to interviews? What skills do you need to ensure you stand out? Read more to find out!

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  • Communication Skills

Communication is one of the key skills you. Good communication between the AV manager and the technician is crucial when it comes to working together on a project and being successful. We will touch on this later on, but just to mention the communication between the technician and the client is just as important. If you want to build a good relationship you need to understand their needs and wants through good communication.

  • Time management skills

time management

Being effective with your time and managing ahead could be the main reason companies will hire you. Schedule your day, week or even your month is very important because you as a technician need to deliver the service on time and tackle troubleshoot issues. Keeping a diary with you or just using the calendar on your smartphone can make your life so much easier. Even if you have never used it before. You can see what has been scheduled, what time you are available, so there is no double booking.

  • Never stop learning

As with everything else, you cannot forget about the growth that is constantly happening with technology and methods/rules/equipment are changing all the time. If you want to be good at what you do, you need to be aware of all those changes happening in the industry and have to be able to implement them as well.

  • Professional customer service

excellent customer service

Although you are an AV technician and you need to deal with technical setups and issues, don’t forget about the clients who are hiring all those technicians. You don’t want to be recognised as the late technician or to be called “the technician with an unprofessional attitude”, right? Customer service is just as important as the service you deliver with the technical equipment.

  • Critical thinking

Experience will make you a critical thinker who is able to solve problems in no time. It is a crucial skill when it comes to working in the AV industry. Especially critical to own this skill in AV design and installation because of its complexity. So how critical thinking will make you an outstanding technician? You not only need to be able to visualise the solution to the problem, but also troubleshoot any issues.

As it shows, these tips are not particularly linked to education. Some of them, yes, but the others you can get it from experience and just working with people and understanding their needs. Being organised is a key objective when you are for example working as a freelancer and have more jobs on your plate. 

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