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What can technology bring to the AV Industry in 2019?

In our previous blog, we wrote about the biggest tech trends in 2018. If you haven’t read it yet, you can read here. In this article, we collected our top 5 tech trends that will lead the AV market in 2019. 2018 had already brought a great deal to the AV industry. What else can […]

Becoming a young manager and employer – Not impossible!

Stepping up in your career is an exciting change but it also can be a difficult challenge for some of us. If you are becoming a manager at a young age, it’s even tougher. We share key points of what to keep in mind and how to behave in situations when becoming a young manager. […]

Our top 4 Benefits of having an AV Certification

AV is growing significantly and that’s why it’s important to keep up with any changes and educate ourselves. It brings a lot of benefits from finding a job to achieving a professional goal. Employers are more likely to hire certified and specialised professionals that have an AV certification Let’s have a look what are our […]

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