What can technology bring to the AV Industry in 2019?

In our previous blog, we wrote about the biggest tech trends in 2018. If you haven’t read it yet, you can read here.

In this article, we collected our top 5 tech trends that will lead the AV market in 2019.

2018 had already brought a great deal to the AV industry. What else can 2019 bring?

Samsung Unpacked

Bring out your projectors and find a flat surface. That’s all you need. Artists and other creatives are taking high-powered projectors and pointing them at the sides of buildings, turning your event into a “WOW” event.


What is a hologram? A hologram is a 3D image and you can see it with your eye.

Holograms are becoming more and more realistic. And as it’s part of the creative projection, one is benefiting the other. Hologram effects are starting to become real alternatives to flying in keynote speakers from around the world, or for bringing virtual characters to life.


The first LED walls were really bright and their low resolution made it impossible to use it for other than stage backdrop. Since it improved its light control and became a high-resolution product which means that you can create displays of almost any size and producing beautifully detailed images and texts.


VR first started growing in the game industry. Since then, companies are using VR to bring their customers into a virtual reality environment. Event spaces are even built for these special occasions where people can walk around in their VR headset and the experience becomes extremely real.


AI – or Artificial Intelligence has already grown big last year. What else can you expect in 2019? Pretty much every website, app and digital services are using it and playing with it.

As a conclusion, 2019 will bring some amazing tech improvements, but nothing new you haven’t seen from 2018. If you were not following the trend, then you will find 2019 a really interesting year.

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