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AV hire co-ordinator

Job reference: GBHCO001
Published: 12 February 2020

Position Type: Permanent

Sector: Hire & Events, Live Events
Role: Hire Coordinator
Location: London


About the job

In the role of the Operations & Hire Manager for an AV hire & events company, based in

South West London, they be responsible for:

  • Taking and processing incoming calls and emails, at all times representing the company in a prompt, courteous and professional manner
  • Managing hire enquiries (assisting and managing the hire coordinator)
  • Ensuring accurate and timely delivery of AV systems as designed by our Project Managers, all whilst monitoring margins and ensuring the profitability of each job
  • Providing quotations and technical information relating to our AV equipment
  • Providing over-the-phone technical support relating to our systems on site
  • Providing teaching and guidance as well as feedback and reviews to encourage the staff to improve standards and systems based on previous experiences
  • Leading the warehouse team in equipment preparation and system integration
  • Working closely with the warehouse team to ensure our equipment is maintained to a high level and is always ready to deploy to site, often at very short notice
  • Procuring sub-hires to cover any equipment short falls
  • Scheduling movements of kit to accommodate both dry hire and installations
  • Monitoring day-to-day transport and kit movements including goods in and out and dealing with lost or damaged inventory
  • Inventory Management: operating and maintaining the computerised hire inventory management programme
  • Ensuring that all administrative processes are adhered to in a timely and organised manner
  • Liaising with warehouse staff to ensure effective planning of the above
  • Arranging and monitoring transport logistics, dealing with all aspects of transport including drivers, daily transport schedules and servicing and maintaining the fleet
  • Carrying out duties/responsibilities in a manner that reflects the core values of the company
  • Ensuring Health & Safety guidelines are adhered to always
  • Learning about the company, its activities to understand and deal with the client’s needs
  • Following company’s procedures as set out in our Staff Handbook


Technical knowledge and skills required:

  • Working knowledge of digital mixing consoles and associated hardware / software / protocols
  • Working knowledge of radio microphone systems / in-ear systems an amplifier
  • configurations / projectors / switchers / display screens
  • Working knowledge of point source and line array systems as well as system
  • management DSP and amplifier configurations
  • Working knowledge and understanding of small, medium and large event set-ups, corporate and conference AV environments and other live events
  • Working knowledge of audio and vision software and audio distribution
  • Working knowledge of hard wired and wireless communications systems
  • Product and brand awareness of Sennheiser, Shure, D&B, D:fine, Barco, Panasonic, Yamaha, Playback Pro & KiPro amongst others
  • Working knowledge of both Mac and Windows platforms
  • Background of working in the corporate and conference markets considered an advantage.

To be successful in an application for this role they should be able to understand and

demonstrate the need to deliver excellent customer service. The candidate should also have a minimum 2 years’ experience in a similar role in the AV industry and have outstanding knowledge of AV equipment and their installation processes as listed above. They must possess the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously, whilst managing and supporting other team members. Good organisational and communication skills, decision making and ability to work within a team environment are necessary.